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5 fashion trends that may be huge next year

Snake skin print is the next big trend


While our predictions may or may not be right, just like the sometimes unreliable weather department, it doesn’t hurt to predict fashion trends that may skyrocket next year. Judging by what was showcased by fashion designers during the Milan and Paris fashion week, it’s safe to say that some trends will be huge next year. Some of these trends are already circling the fashion sphere. This year trends that toped the list were ruffles which are perennial, fanny packs, perspex, matrix glasses, tassel earrings, straw bags, bike shorts and most recently, the snake skin print. Speaking of which, these are the trends most likely to be big next year.

1. Snake skin print.

Out with leopard and in with snake skin. During fashion week, designers such as Versace and Off-White showcased the trend in chic pieces. At the moment, you cannot scroll through the gram for instance, without spotting the trend. The beauty of this trend is that not only is the print perennial, but also comes with a myriad of ways to rock it, such as incorporating snake skin accessories into your wardrobe.


2. Bike shorts.

Yeah, not a favorite of many. But we are sad to predict that this trend will be huge next year. Judging by what we are seeing on online fashion retail stores, and on Instagram, bike/cycling shorts are still relevant and will pick up. While many people shy away from the trend, if done right, they can be quite stylish.


3. Cargo pants.

Pocketed utility pants are making a come-back in the most fashione-y way you guys. While they're mostly worn by men, now, there are stylish cargo pants for women and you can either dress them up by pairing them with heels or dress them down by pairing them with flats. And, don’t get me wrong, we aren’t talking about oversized cargo pants but form-fitting and flattering stylish pants.

4. Big bags.


Big bags just might make a comeback, judging from French label, Jacquemus who showcased a massive tote bag during the Paris Fashion Week in September. Massive bags were popular back then but have since then been replaced by stylish mini bags. Well, fashion always repeats itself and we might see the massive bags, known in Kenya as “Sirudi nyumbani” (I am not coming back home) return.

5. Oversized jackets.

For the Fall/Winter 2018 collection, we saw many designers such as Calvin Klein showcase massive oversized winter jackets. Still, we have seen oversized slouchy fashion pieces take over this year, such as the oversized blazer or the boyfriend blazer. Take for the example the oversized Marc Jacobs outfit that Lady Gaga wore the other day and set tongues wagging – well, I am not saying that we walk around in overly oversized outfits but, we are very likely to see oversized coats and slouchy pieces take over the fashion world next year.


What fashion pieces do you think will be huge next year?


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