7 easy ways to get rid of bad odor from your shoes

Say no to smelly shoes


Like most odors, shoe odor is terrible and is caused by bacteria multiplying due to sweat and warmth, which as you know, is a breeding ground for bacteria. Shoe odor could also be caused by bad hygiene. You need to wash your feet well and also wear a clean pair of socks everyday. You also need to alternate your shoes to avoid the smells. If you wear one pair of sneakers all week long, well, they will stink. Give the shoes a break. If your shoes smell like poop, you need to do something about that. Try out some of these easy remedies.

1. Leave tea bags in your shoes overnight.

Black tea contains tannins which are effective in killing bacteria. You could dip tea bags in hot water for a few mins, leave them to cool them place them in your shoes and leave them overnight. You could also use dry tea bags. Take them out in the morning and this will help eliminate the shoe odor.

2. Lemon or orange peels.

If you have some lemons/lime or oranges, place the peelings of the citrus fruit in the shoes and leave them overnight.

3. Stuff old newspapers in the stinky shoes.

As crazy as this sounds, the method works as the newspapers soak up the moisture in the shoes and the carbon on the text soaks up the odor. Stuffing newspapers in the shoes while storing them also helps keep off the odor.

4. Baking soda.

You already know that baking soda is a must-have as it has so many uses around the home. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on and under the insoles of your shoes and leave it overnight. This will help eliminate the odor.

5. Baby powder.

For a minimal stink, sprinkling baby powder in the shoes will help freshen them. You could also put some baby powder in the shoes or on your feet before wearing them.

6. Freezing your shoes.

Sounds crazy but hey, anything to kill that bacteria, right? Put your shoes in an old pillowcase, leave them overnight in your freezer, then defrost before wearing. The cold temperatures of the freezer will kill the bacteria causing the shoe odor.

7. If all else fails, throw the goddamn shoes away and buy a new pair!


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