About Ankara belt

Rocking an Ankara belt can be a creative idea to give your look a nice touch of the African design. It is unique, bold and classy. The amazing thing is that it is not too outstanding. They say that Quincy Jones music is never loud.

An Ankara fabric is so adaptable such that it can be sewed onto any clothes like shoes, shirts, skirts, ties and many others, giving it the African print.

So this is how you can make an Ankara belt at home.

Estimated Cost


Perform Time

1 – 2 Hours

Tools and Supplies needed


9. Stitch along that drawing.

10. Turn the belt inside out using rod or your fingers.

11. Sew again along the long edges so that the belt can appear finished and professional. Leave little seam allowance and ensure the sewing line is straight and consistent.

12. Sew the edge along the width that was left open. Leave a quarter inch allowance.

13. Measure an inch and a half and mark with a pen from that edge. That is where you will place your buckle.

14. Fit the buckle of your choice by sewing it.

15. Drill the belt holes on the other side according to your liking and the size of your waist.

16. You can use glue instead of sewing.