Having a pregnancy shoot is a constant growing trend amongst expectant mothers.

Some take the daring route and go nude for their shoots while others decide to take their shoots underwater; the creativity in these shoots is endless.

Not to be left behind, our Kenyans celebrity mums also joined the pregnancy shoot bandwagon and went a step further to share them with their fans and followers.

Here are some of the celebrity baby bump shoots of 2017.

2017 baby bump shoots

1.Jacky Vike (Awinja)

Awinja decided to pull a Beyonce on everyone and announced that she was pregnant with her first child through her baby bump shoot.

The private actress also revealed unknown details of her personal life including the fact that she's been married for a little over a year.

2.Sharon Mundia

Lifestyle blogger This is Ess broke the internet once again - remember her proposal to now husband Lonina Leteipan on Mt Kenya - with her simple and stunning baby bump shoot.

3.Karun Mungai

Camp Mulla member Karun Mungai also announced her first pregnancy through her pregnancy shoot.

4.Nana (King Kaka's wife)

Worthy mention

5.Navy Kenzo

The newest members to parenthood, Tanzanian musical duo and couple Navy Kenzo recently welcomed their baby boy about a month after their announcement through their baby bump shoot.