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A simple DIY to revamp your old denim skirt

As easy as ABC


We all have clothes at home that we bought a long time go, but no longer wear because they're not fashionable anymore or they're simply old, dull and boring. When this happens, you always have the option to give them away to charity because throwing them aways is not exactly great for the environment as that will lead to more landfill which is actually one of the biggest forms of pollution in the world. If you're crafty though, you can always turn to DIY (Do It Yourself). The good thing with DIY is that you don't really have to be a pro with your cutting and sewing skills and all that shebang. Thanks to all the YouTube tutorials out there, you just need to draw some inspiration from DIY-ers and turn something from boring to fab in a matter of sconds. One such DIY project involves your long denim skirts or any skirt really that you do not wear. You can revamp it by giving it a scallop hem - scallop hems are basically small semi-circles on your hem in layman's terms. Scallop hems are super feminine, summery and effortlessly stylish. If you have no skirt you want to revamp, feel free to revamp your dress or even top.

So, let's get into it:


What you will need for this particular DIY:

1. Your long denim skirt that yo no longer wear.

2. A ruler.

3. A chalk.

4. A round object like a cup.



1. The first step will be deciding how long or short you want your skirt to be. Draw a line with your chalk then hold both sides of the skirt with pins.

Now, you will need to decide how big you want your scallops to be. You also need to ensure that the angles are less deep and more shallow so that the end result does not look odd. How you achieve this is by first deciding what you want the length of your scallop and height to be (you will achieve your scallop pattern by measuring a round object like a cup or glass then tracing out the small-semi circle).

Once you decide it's like three inches and say one centimeter deep, you can then divide the hem with the scallop length so as to know how many scallops you will need to mark on the hem to avoid a situation where your scallops are not enough, or they're more than the skirt's hem. So if for instance your hem edge is 36 inches and your scallop is 3 inches, 36 divide by 3 is 12, which means you will need to measure 12 scallop patterns on your skirt hem. The reason why you have to measure is so that you do not end up with say 12.5 scallop patterns which will not work.


2. Now that you have your scallop pattern already traced out, simply trace out the scallops on the skirt's hemline and cut the skirt.

3. You can fray the edges if you wish. But after cutting a denim fabric, you can pretty much rock it as it is. 


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