Here's a quick DIY tutorial to turn your old vest into a sexy wrap top

Talk about slaying on a budget

While lots of DIYs require creativity and prowess, sometimes, all you need to do is follow a tutorial on a fashion blog or vlog, and you will get it right. Many are the times we want unique styles especially when it comes to fancy tops but unfortunately, we can only get such styles online or through thrifting if we are lucky.

Weekend style is all about cute fancy tops paired with basic bottoms be it mom jeans, skinny jeans, denim skirts or short shorts; especially for social events such as Thrift Social, which is just around the corner. One timeless style that can go with just about anything is the wrap top. Sexy, cute and ultra-feminine as it shows off your cleavage and midriff simultaneously without screaming “Hey, I need attention”. A wrap top is perfect for people with flat tummies even though, if you have a bit of a belly, you can wear high waisted jeans or shorts then rock your top.

So, where can you get a wrap top? Well, you just need a vest that you no longer wear, preferably made of stretch fabric, and a pair of scissors, yup, absolutely free.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to make one.

1. Get your vest and lay it on a flat surface with the back facing you.

The point is to cut the back but make sure that the residue can still cover your bra.

2. Start by cutting each of the side hemlines all the way to the half of the top.

3. Once you have cut both sides, cut out that rectangular piece so that you’re now left with a top that looks like it’s long at the front and half at the back.

4. Now turn the top so that the front is facing you, then cut from the neckline all the way to the bottom.

5. All you have to do now is wear it and criss-cross the ties then tie them at the back and voila, you have a sexy wrap top.

Pair it with trendy bottoms, add an accessory and slay.


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