A DIY guide on how to make the trendy front tie crop top at home

Why buy when you can make one yourself?

Even when we think the style is dead and buried, somehow, it manages to creep back into the fashion streets. Currently, the front tie crop tops are trending. Celebrities, fashion retailers and fashion IT girls are all rocking the front tie tops which are an uber cute summer wardrobe staple. In layman’s terms, a front tie crop top, as the name suggests is a crop top but one that comes with strings at the front, which can be tied into a bow or just tied once and left hanging, whatever floats your boat.

These tops are coming in different designs from long sleeved to bell sleeves, to bustier front tie tops. When you’re a woman that loves fashion and to join in on trends, you probably know that sometimes, you don’t have to splurge on these trendy items, you just gotta unleash your crafty and creative side and simply DIY. So, instead of buying one of these front tie tops, we will show you how you can make one from the comfort of your house and all you’ll need is a t-shirt you no longer wear and scissors. Like…pretty much! Or if you like, you could also use a long sleeved top too. One with bell sleeves would be fab!


1. Make sure the t-shirt you’re using is long enough, if you want the ties to be lengthy.

2. Insert a cardboard or like a chopping board inside the t-shirt all the way to the neckline to enable you cut the t-shirt well.

3.Then, cut the hem line of the t-shirt all the way to the bottom.

4. Do the same on the other side so that now, you have one big V-shaped hole.

5. Now cute the rest of the t-shirt neck hemline.

6. You will be left with something that looks like an unbuttoned shirt.

7. Take the two hanging edges that remained and tie them up either into a bow or knot once and leave the ties dangling, pair your new top with high waist pants or shorts and you’re weekend ready!

P.S do not wear the top with a bra or if you do, make sure the bra is not showing as that will look tacky.


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