The award winning Kenyan fashion bloggers

You will look trendy and classy if you do this......

She is undoubtedly the best fashion blogger in Kenya so far.

Her famous blog,, covers travel, wedding, lifestyle and beauty.

She started blogging in 2012 and has received widespread recognition all over Africa. The award winning blogger also has a vlog on Youtube where she talks about life and travel.

Sharon believes that good fashion is not about looking good but bringing out the character of a person. She advises women on how to use fashion to build self-confidence and ultimately celebrate themselves.

She has 238,000 followers on Instagram and is the mother of one daughter.

Though her passion is in fashion, she studied Management and Marketing in Monash University South Africa.

2. Nancy Mwai

Nancy started blogging in 2010 having loved fashion and style from a young age. Her blog was initially called The Fashion Notebook but later on rebranded in 2016 to She also started a vlog on Youtube under her name.

Nancy’s blog covers beauty, styling, lifestyle, fitness and content creation.

She has a degree in marketing and had started working as a stylist. She bagged fashion blog of the year award in 2012 and 2013.

Nancy is married and they are blessed with a two year old daughter.

3. Franklin Saiyalel

Franklin runs the blog which explores a wide range of fashion and style issues. Franklin writes about brand experience, fashion, footwear, travel, gadgets, music and people.

The Nairobi-based blogger seeks to educate men on how to keep it classy and trendy. He is one of the best male bloggers on fashion in Kenya.

4. Joy Kendi

The former actress of Changing Times started blogging in 2013. Her blog, covers fashion trends including insightful reviews, full collection slideshows, backstage beauty and street style.

Her blog has been nominated for fashion blog of the year award. Joy has a Vlog on Youtube and boasts of 110,000 followers on Instagram.

Apart from blogging she is a scriptwriter.

5. Silvia Njoki

Sylvia is a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards nominee who began her blog Style by SILVIA in 2013. She studied fashion in London and contributes about fashion on magazines like Arise Magazine, London. She has also been working with Standard Media Group as a fashion journalist.

The mother of one daughter has a Vlog and has 98,000 followers on Instagram.

Her blog, began as an outlet to creatively communicate about dressing her infant child who had been born that year. The blog eventually grew to be a fashion platform for her to share about her personal style.

6. Muriuki Kagiri

Muriuki focuses on useful fashion tips to grooming on his blog The Dapper Brother. He started blogging in mid-2015 and won the MIMI fashion blogger contest six months after starting his blog.

Kagiri aims at inspiring men by sharing his personal style, opinions and knowledge with them.

7. Ian Musilli

He is a personal stylist, fashion consultant and entrepreneur. His blog aims at guiding men on how to look good. He enjoys a wide local media coverage and has cut a niche on formal dressing for men. He is a firm believer in the quote “Fashion fades but style is eternal.

8. Lucia Musau

Musau blogs about fashion, lifestyle, hair and beauty in her blog She won the 2016 BAKE Fashion blog of the year. focuses on street fashion with occasional elegant affluent fashion tips.

She however still notes that you do not have to wear expensive clothes for you to look good.

9. Winnie the fashionista

Winnie studied law but her passion is in fashion. She runs the blog and focuses more on the African ethnic touch fusing into the modern style. Winnie also loves make up and is a qualified make-up artist.

Winnie is a BAKE Fashion blogger of the year award nominee.

10. Nyawira Mumenya

Nyawira’s curvewithstyle blog focuses on advising plus size women on how to look fashionable and stylish in her style. Nyawira is a style enthusiast, stylist as well as a personal shopper.

Her moment of fame came in 2017 when bagged the BAKE Fashion blog of year award.


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