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Outfits men like to see girls wear (Photos)

These clothes drive the men crazy

Woman Clothes Shopping

Of course, anything that shows your silhouette or camel toe is something the guys will want to see you in. Sometimes, you will wear something and wonder why the men are staring so much. That's cause they like what they see. Here's a list of things men like to see women wearing:

1. Well fitting jumpsuit.


You know the kind that look like a well fitting onesie? Yeah it literally shows the entire shape of the body plus the camel toe and the men go wild when they see a woman dressed in one. Especially if paired with heels, that's a killer look.

2. Booty shorts.

Does this even need an explanation?

3. Fitting maxi sundresses.

There's something so sexy about sundresses. I guess it's because most women wear a sundress with no underwear on or with a thong and the dress ends up eating up the booty. When the girl walks, you can see the booty bouncing up and down and damn I'm a girl too but I'm gonna look at that wonder too lol.


Especially if she works out and the thighs and booty are well toned.

5. Mini skirts.


I don't know about you but a pair of sexy legs is always good to look at. Especially if the skirt is less fitting and more like a mini skater skirt.

6. High waisted jeans.

This is debatable. There are guys who are not up for high waisted jeans and there's another percentage that totally digs females in them. The thing about high waisted jeans is the fact that they cinch your waist, making it look snatched and accentuate the booty.

7. Nothing.

When has walking around the house naked when you're with your boo never been sexy?



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