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This gorgeous plus sized model will make you feel proud to be fat (Photos)

Phat and proud!

Plus sized model, Simone Mariposa (Instagram)

That’s one, Simone Mariposa – a gorgeous, plus sized model, actor and influencer, based in Los Angeles California. Simone is passionate about fashion, wellness, culture, travel, inspiration and body positivity and wants to use her voice to speak up for and inspire fashionable plus sized women. Now, I came across her banging Insta while casually lurking around and I gotta admit, her Instagram time line is striking. You can’t help but keep scrolling down to see more and more of her content. See, Simone is one confident bad bih that’s comfortable in her own skin and will constantly squeeze in quotes on being fat and fab on her TL, a move I like. She also has a blog, where she documents bits of her life and did I mention her style? Girl, who said crop tops were only for skinny girls with abs? Miss Mariposa has style for days and does not shy away from dressing in whatever she wants. In fact, on her Insta bio, she makes it clear by adding “We wear what we want”.

“I have a colorful, fun, young, and eccentric style, with a hint of classic sophistication, and I’m all about taking risks and adding new twists with my fashion. In July of 2016, I started a hashtag, #WeWearWhatWeWant, as a way to express my love for daring fashion choices, and to highlight women who do the same. My goal is to share my life experiences in order to inspire and guide others as they continue on their own journeys to happiness, confidence, and overall wellness!” - reads a subset from her blog.

I think she’s quite an inspiration to all the plus sized girls and women out there who feel like they are not beautiful enough due to the cliché world beauty standards that have been set by the beauty and fashion industry. Every woman is gorgeous in whatever form or shape and you just have to believe in yourself and just do you, confidently and unapologetically. Through her Instagram stories, she answers questions from fans who want to know how they can be as confident as her and also claps back at the trolls (you can’t avoid those in this day and age now, can you?). Guys, I have written enough, without blabbering on, check out Simone, in her fat, fab and freaking confident element that’s just admirable to say the least:


Gorg, right?


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