People have concluded that this designer shawl looks like a v****a

What do you think?


The latest one to stir some controversy is luxury Italian label, Fendi. The clothing line recently unveiled a shawl, partly made from real fox fur – fur is one of Fendi’s niche. The 'Touch of Fur Shawl', as it’s being called, is however being likened to a vagina by netizens. See, I don’t know if our minds are in the gutter, but if you look closely, the shawl does resemble an unshaved vagina, let’s be honest.

This vaj-like designer shawl costs a whopping 900USD (90,000 KES) and comes in a number of colors.

From the look of things, not many are impressed by the shawl...

The shawl has also received a lot of backlash from animal rights organizations like PETA who have called out the company for using real fox fur to create the shawl.

What do you think? Does it look like the lady parts?


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