These button down skirts will breathe life into your closet (Photos)

So chic


These skirts give off a certain vintage/retro vibe. Kinda like what our moms wore back in the day. In fact, I'm pretty positive that if you 'ransacked' your mother's old clothes, you will definitely find at least one button down skirt. These skirts are now coming back in many contemporary designs and fabrics, from suede to denim, flowy silhouettes to form-fitting, long to short. Whether you like decent midi skirts or love to show off your legs in sexy mini skirts, well lucky for you because when it comes to button down skirts, there's something for everyone. While this skirt style leans more towards a casual chic, you can also dress it up by pairing it with a less casual top say a sheer body suit or chic blouse and a pair of heels to add flair to the look. If you have never thought of owning a button down skirt, then these photos will prove to you that the skirt style is a surefire way to breathe life into your closet.

1. They're so easy to style.

If you're going for a casual look, style it with a tank or tee, sneakers and throw over a denim jacket.

2. When going for the dressed up look, you could go for a less casual button down skirt, like this double button skirt.

Definitely opt for heels and a chic blouse or stylish top instead of flats.

3. The button down skirt gives you the option to go for something form-fitting, like this gorgeous denim skirt that's giving us a semi-dressed up weekend look.

Think of an upscale weekend event, like a beauty product launch, or even date with the boo!

4. If you're not into figure-hugging clothes, you also have the option of something flowy and the length is also up to you; from calf to ankle length, you could decide what works best for you.

This weekend look is so summery and so chic. We could totally rock this to a social event like Koroga, brunch, or even a barbecue party with friends.

5. If you want to achieve a vintage look, you could go for earthy tones, feel free to add accessories like retro glasses and a felt hat for instance, to complete the look.

6. Wanna show off your gorgeous legs? Well, you do have the option of the classic mini button down skirt. Perfect for a night out or weekend shenanigans.

Pair your mini denim skirt with flats or sneakers and a cute tee or tank for a dressed down look and heels and blouse for a dressed up look.

7. If you're going for a maxi button down skirt, you can leave some of the buttons open for some leggy affair, especially if the top is too covered. Showing off a little skin is good for your soul :)


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