Gully creeping is one term any slay queen is all too familiar with – and we’re not talking about Elephant Man’s smash hit single.

We’re talking about that leg shaking, possessive looking movement that a lot of women do when they’ve been wearing their heels for too long – I know I’ve been guilty of it enough times.

Now while we ladies would love to strut it like Naomi Campbell down the streets of Nairobi, it doesn’t always work out the way we would want it to.

Before you hang up your heel wearing days, there are some tricks you can try to keep you slaying in your favorite pair of heels without breaking a sweat – okay maybe not so effortlessly but they definitely make things a whole lot easier.

Platform heels

Not only are platform heels in right now but they are also super comfortable and they give you the support you need.

Break them in

Before wearing your new pair of heels, try them on while wearing a pair of socks to help expand those spots notorious for pinching your feet.

Low heels

Low heeled shoes are slowly creeping back so try switch it up from the usual 5 inch heels once in a while.

Strapped heels

Go for strapped heels. They help give you the extra support that you need.

Pick the right shape shoe for your foot

If you are a wide foot size six then stop trying to squeeze into a regular size six shoe. Opt for a bigger shoe size than yours.

Padded inserts

If your heels are a bit bigger then get gel inserts in them for a better fit.

Watch your walk

You can't walk in heels the same way you walk in flats.

Use gel inserts