Top 9 most ridiculous fashion trends

The most ridiculous fashion trends in recent years

While for most people, clothes are basically for functionality, for a select few, fashion is a statement. Keeping up with the latest trends is a symbol of iconography. Showing the “real you” with carefully selected pieces of fabric.

That said, there have been some style trends that caught the masses that simply shouldn’t have. They are weird, inexplicable, ugly and/or confusing.


Athletic wear for leisure. Is the human race so hard up for ideas that it had to turn track pants into some kind of poorman’s linen? Or something? Was the goal to appear like you work out all the time?

Zippers on sports bras

Uh, no.

Stained jeans

First they were stone washed, then they got ripped, now they have to get stained?

Clear pants

See-through is fine. Sheer is perfect. But completely clear? Not only does the fabric look nigh uncomfortable but what’s the point?

Arm hoodies

So you have a hood, then you have arms, and that’s it. Did the person who was supposed to sew the bust and the back go on strike?

Armadillo shoes

Even just looking at them makes ankles all around the world buckle.

Shell suit

Considered to be the worst fashion item in the past fifty years, the shell suit is an affront to colour, decency and creativity. It offends sight and touch. And frankly if it had a flavour, it would probably rank closer to vomit that anything else.

Shutter shades

These are louvered sunglasses. Introduced by Kanye West in his Stronger video, the slated shades took over the world and had fans looking like their eyes were a display window for a vintage shop.

Kanye's label

Fashion that makes you think of Dobby the Elf. Couture has fallen so far these days.


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