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What a Nairobi man’s sneaker game says about him

Let your shoes do the talking!

What a Nairobi man’s sneaker game says about him [Pulse Contributor's Opinion]

The best thing about style is that we are able to express ourselves without uttering a single word.

People will make an opinion of you, whether true or false, based on what you wear.

Here’s a look at what a Nairobi man’s sneaker game says about him.


Classy and effortless describe this shoe perfectly. You can rock them with the cheapest “mitumba” and you’ll still look put together and expensive.

Men who wear this shoe are just getting into the sneaker world and usually have no more than 4 pairs of good quality sneakers. This shoe is also fairly priced hence you’ll see them on every 20-something old man in Nairobi.

It is said that this is the Nairobi Institute of Character Development uniform. If you know you know!


These scream lavish and confidence. Super stylish and come in amazing styles and colours.

A man who wears these is not only stylish but also very confident. He has a collection of sneakers and is always knowledgeable on upcoming sneaker releases.

Ladies, if you date this man, he may or may not cheat on you but you can be sure his sneakers will always come before you.


Simple and old school. Make no mistake, they are simple but still make a statement. A quick grab type of shoe.

If you see this on a man just know that he has a good job and knows how to treat a lady. He is not the most stylish but he is the man you introduce to your mom.


Pop, urban, casual and cool. This is a great pair for a pop of colour when rocking plain t-shirts.

The man who wears this is a close brother of the Air Force 1 guy. The only difference is that he is more obsessed with himself.

You will probably find him at a photo shoot with the cool kids of Nairobi. He can be a jerk to ladies but he is mostly a nice guy.


This shoe screams versatility. It is easily the jack of all trades of shoes and can be paired with just about any type of outfit.

A man that wears these is usually one who loves simplicity. He is also always minding his own business. Out of all other men, he is boyfriend material for sure!

These are just but a few of the common Nairobi man sneaker style. Remember there’s always an exception to the rule but if the shoe fits, feel free to lace it up! Pun intended.


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