8 steps to successfully slide into her DM

Don't get blocked at the first hi.

You're dream girl is just a text away.

While sliding into Dms may be seen as a shady way to get a girl’s attention, people like Nigerian celebrity, Banky W who is marrying a girl he met online, will tell you that there is absolutely nothing to lose but a potential love/sex life.

Still, there are rules to be followed. Read on.

1. Don’t be a douche

Starting the conversation with comments like “nice ass” doesn’t get you in the clear. Try complement another aspect of her like her intelligence and her interest in something. That should get you going.

2. Use your humor

Women love men who make them laugh. Do you trust your sense of humor? Go for it, Look for an entry point with something she finds interesting and put your best foot forward. You’ll be shocked that she responds to your messages.

3. Learn about her first

What are her thoughts on feminism? Is she into comic books? Scroll her wall and find out what she likes. That way, you won’t invite a vegetarian to a barbeque.

4. Don’t over like her pictures

Two or three is enough. Liking all her posts will make you look like a thirsty stalker who’s looking for a bang.

5. Don’t be rude

Filling her Dm with insults will only get you blocked or called out in a post. Trust me, it never works. Be polite even when she’s being rude. You get to keep the chance of ever talking to her.

6. Move on

If she is not interested, then move on. There are so many other pretty girls you can chat up. Insisting and being a bother doesn’t put you in anyone’s good books. Nothing is undesirable as desperation.

7. Take care of your social pages

Here’s a shocker, girls stalk their men of interest too. Before she decides to talk to you, best believe she’s checked you out. First impressions really matter. If you’re the kind of guy to post chauvinistic jokes about women, little miss hotness may not

8. Try start from a business point of view

Long shot? Not really. A lot of these pretty girls are doing business online, coming up with business ideas she can buy into will give you the first step to familiarity.

May the best man win.


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