You know that moment when you’ve made some great pilau and some tasty oven chicken but there just seems to be something missing from your meal to give you continuous foodgasms with every bite you take.

Then it hits you – you need some kachumbari and the best part about it is that you already made some the day before so there’s no need to hustle making some more.

You rush to your fridge and when you open it you realize the entire top layer of your kachumbari is completely brown – sigh.

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You scrape the top layer and are barely left with anything to enjoy your meal with.

Long story short, that feeling sucks for kachumbari lovers.

Good thing for the kachumbari lovers out there however, is that keeping it from turning brown is simpler than you think.

Squeeze a bit of lemon/ lime on the surface of your kachumbari then cover with cling film.

Your kachumbari turning brown is simply because avocados contain an enzyme known as polyphenol oxidase which when exposed to air, combines with oxygen and eventually causes the creation of melanin. The melanin is the cause for the brown colour.

Basically the idea is to keep the air out when storing your kachumbari.

So squeeze a bit of lemon or lime on your kachumbari – don’t use too much because chances are you already squeezed some while you prepared it the first time.

Take your cling film or any plastic wrap and place it on the surface of your kachumbari then refrigerate.

And that’s about it.