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5 mind-blowing inventions that could change the world

Which one of these inventions are you looking forward to?

Mind-blowing inventions that could change the world [Freethink]

This shows how much of an impact some inventions could make in the world we live in.

Luckily, scientists are not resting anytime soon as lots of inventions are still in the works. In case you are wondering, here are five mind-blowing inventions to look forward to;


Some people believe dead things should be left alone but some researchers think otherwise and are now looking for ways to turn dead things into robots in what is known as Necrobiotics.

At Rice University, this research is already making a headway as a team of researchers were able to turn a dead spider into a robot.

For now, Necrobiotics is still in its infant stages but who knows, soon you might be able to turn your dead loved ones into robots if you want.


Virtual reality seems to be the next big thing and researchers at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) recently took it a step further by inventing what they're calling a 'novel, wireless, skin-interface olfactory feedback system'. This simply means you enter into a world of virtual reality and you are not only able to see things but also smell them.

The smells are said to be generated by the devices heating and melting odorous wax that releases adjustable concentrations of stink. According to the researchers, smelly VR can be applied in online teaching and even when you are watching a movie. Imagine not only seeing a movie in 4D but also being able to smell it.

Imagine making a video call and you are able to send actual hugs to the people on the other end! This is definitely one invention to look forward to, and researchers at City University of Hong Kong are working on a wireless soft e-skin that could help us achieve this.

This e-skin is studded with flexible actuators that sense the wearer’s movements and convert them into electrical signals and then these are sent via Bluetooth, and somehow translated to mimic the initial movement. Imagine how this will transform long distance relationships!


Another mind-blowing invention to look forward to is the technology that allows generation of water from thin air. Referred to as Water Gen Mobility, this device made by an Israeli company acts like a portable generator but this time instead of electricity, it produces water. It is said that this device can produce up to five gallons of liquid per day from thin air.

For the visually impaired, there is also a mind-blowing invention to look forward to. This is the MyEyePro by OrCam. This device which are smart glasses can convert visual information into audio, allowing users to "see" the world around them. This means anyone who is visually impaired can use this device to read text, recognise faces and even identify objects. Definitely something to look forward to.


There you have it, five mind-blowing inventions that could change the world, which one of these are you looking forward to?


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