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6 foods you should never eat before bed

Stay away from them


Among the things you can do to improve your sleep quality is watch your diet. Some foods will help you sleep better while some will only make it hard for you to sleep.

For a good night sleep, avoid eating these foods before bed:


1. Burgers

You might decide to order a burger for dinner when you feel too tired or lazy to cook. While it’s an easier option, the high contents of fat in burgers will trigger the stomach to release acids. The rest of your night will be characterized with heartburns and sleeping isn’t gonna be easy.

2. Chicken

So no more chicken for dinner? Seems like it sadly. The digestion process slows down when you are sleeping. And, proteins are hard to digest meaning chicken will take much longer to digest when sleeping. Your body will thus be more focused on digesting the chicken rather than letting you sleep soundly.

3. Spicy foods


By all means, stay away from spicy foods for dinner. The spices will give you heartburns meaning you will have to toss in bed for some hours before sleeping.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate has various health benefits. Even so, when it comes to sleep, it shouldn’t be your best friend. Dark chocolate contains caffeine which prevents you from sleeping. Meaning you should also avoid coffee.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli and other cruciferous veggies such as cabbage are healthy and rich in soluble fiber-which is good for digestion. All the same, they take time to digest. So, your body will still be digesting them on your sleep and this will definitely affect your sleep.


6. Alcohol

This is a shocker I bet. But well, drinking alcohol shortly before bed may actually help you sleep faster. Even though, the quality of sleep is compromised. You most likely won’t sleep soundly and might have to wake up after some hours or rise in the morning still feeling tired and sleepy.


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