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7 foods you should never eat before workout

They can wait


Even so, you must be cautious what you put into your gut prior to exercise-it will definitely affect your performance at the gym.

Check out some foods you should stay away from before working out:

1. Avocado


An avocado is a perfect snack any time of the day. But never is it perfect before a work out. Just hold on your urge to eat it until you are done with the exercise. They are filled with healthy mono-saturated fats and fiber, both which are good for the overall health. However, fats and fiber take time to digest and might thus cause you stomach cramps during your workout.

2. Dairy

A glass of milk or yogurt sounds like a great source of energy for the work out-and it is. Even so, some people have problems digesting dairy products due to their high levels of proteins and fats. Unless you are so sure that your body responds perfectly well to dairy, you should avoid it before exercise.

3. Booze


You are bound to lose a lot of water during the work out. Alcohol being a diuretic will leave you dehydrated hence affecting your performance.

4. Legumes

Great sources of fiber and proteins. But, they also contain raffinose which can cause bloating and discomfort. No one wants a bloated stomach in the gym.

5. Carbonated drinks

A bottle of soda will help quench your thirst but it won’t do your stomach any justice. The excess sugars may give you a bloated stomach, gas or nausea during workout.


6. Cruciferous veggies

Kales, cauliflower and broccoli are healthy when eaten any other time of the day besides prior to working out. Just like legumes, they contain raffinose which is not easy to digest and will thus cause you discomfort.

7. Spicy foods

However tasty they may feel to your buds, you want to stay away from spicy foods until after workout. They are likely to cause you heart burn, indigestion or cramping hence affecting your activities at the gym.


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