7 signs you are drinking too much coffee

Go slow on it


All the same, too much of anything is poisonous and so is coffee. If you are wondering whether you are taking too much of it, here are some clear signs that you should go slow on it:

1. Frequent visits to the bathroom

Coffee being a diuretic stimulates frequent urination. If you notice that your bladder feels full after every few minutes, it’s clear that you drank too much coffee.

2. Increased palpitation

Does your heart race faster than usual? Alcohol is not the only thing that affects your heartbeat. Too much caffeine can affect your heartbeat and the best thing you can do about it is simply reduce your intake of coffee.

3. Stomach upsets

Apart from spoiled food, coffee can also upset your stomach. Studies show that coffee has compounds that trigger the secretion of acids in the stomach leading to stomach problems. So before you blame it all on your diet, ensure that you also are not taking too much coffee.

4. Headaches

If skipping your favorite cup of coffee gives you a headache and goes away after a few sips, you are addicted to it.

5. Anxiety

Some people are too sensitive and a cup or two of coffee is enough to make them feel anxious. If you are feeling anxious about an interview, exam or meeting someone new, you will want to keep off coffee as it will worsen it. People with anxiety disorders are also advised to stay away from coffee.

6. You depend on it

Can you go a day without coffee? If not, you are dependent on it because you have been drinking too much of it. If you can’t function without a morning cup of coffee, you need to do something. And since quitting is not a one-time thing, cut the amounts little by little until you are no longer dependent on it.

7. Shaky hands

Just like alcohol, some studies link shaky hands to too much coffee. So if your hands are shaking for no reason, no doubt that you drink too much of it and it’s time to cut it down.


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