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8 brilliant ways you can use your old socks at home

Before you throw them away, read this


Instead of throwing them away, which they will end up as landfill - one of the biggest forms of pollution, you could either re-purpose them or give them out to charity so that they can be of use to people that need them. The worst thing about socks is the fact that they almost always end up divorcing. Seriously though, where does one sock disappear to? Anyway, if you have some lonely socks at home, here’s how you can re-purpose them.

1. Make bean bags for the kids.

Bean bags are super easy to make. All you need to do is cut the sock if it’s too long, fill it with some beans, about three-quarter full then sew the open end of the sock. Your kids or pets will have a new toy to play with and keep themselves busy.


2. Use it to scrub your body while showering.

There are some socks made from really good cotton fabric which could make for the perfect bathing towel. Plus, once one sock gets old, you can throw it away and use the other.

3. Hand warmers.

Cut the toe areas then make a small cut at the heel area. The open toe area is where your four fingers will go through, while the tiny cut on the heel will be for your thumb. These hand warmers will come in handy for those super cold days, to keep your hands warm and still allow you get some work done, like typing or holding and carrying objects.


4. As leg warmers.

Cut the foot part of the sock. Then wear the remaining part as leg warmers, over your jeans or leggings on a cold day. You can even mix more than one pair of socks, with different colors to get thick leg warmers with a pop of color. This though will only work with the really long socks or at least calf-length socks.

5. To clean windows and other things.

Socks can be really convenient to clean areas that you cannot reach, like window shutters and the top of cardboards or the fridge for example. All you need to do is wear the sock. Wet it a bit and wipe off the dust. You can also clean your car, shoes etc., with old socks.


6. As a heat pad.

If you have no hot water bottle, simply get a cotton sock, fill it with rice, tie the top with a rubber band then heat it in the microwave for a few minutes. You will then have yourself a heat pad which can soothe cramps or sore muscles or simply help keep you warm.

7. Flower vase cover.

If you have cute socks made of prints like polka dots, florals or geometric patterns, you could revamp an old and boring vase by cutting the sock and covering the vase in it for a nice, simple and different look.


8. To protect your sunglasses from scratches.

Urgh don’t you hate it when your nice sunnies suddenly get scratches from storing them wrongly? If you have no sunglasses case, re-purpose an old sock to act as a case.


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