You were taught table manners at home and in school from a very young age. Unfortunately, some people never learn. Or, they are just too big-headed to follow simple rules. When you don’t follow simple table manners, you offend others and embarrass yourself and your parents.

Some habits seem harmless but they are pretty annoying. Here are a few of them that you should stop immediately:

1. Serving food you can’t finish

Food gif(Giphy)

Ensure you can finish the food on your plate before you start munching. If given a chance to serve yourself, just serve yourself enough to avoid wastage and seeming greedy.

2. Chewing with open mouth

Close your mouth when eating(Giphy)

This is so obvious but we are just emphasizing since people still chew with open mouths. It’s annoying and disgusting.

3. Funny Noises

We don’t have to hear you chew. Just do it silently without producing those annoying sounds.

4. Stretching hands to reach for something

No gif(Giphy)

Just request someone to pass whatever you want.

5. Picking teeth without covering the mouth

If you got food particles stuck between your teeth and you need to use a toothpick, use one hand to cover your mouth.

6. Filling the mouth with food

Greedy eating(giphy)

One spoonful at a time, please. It makes you look greedy when your mouth is too full.

7. Ordering food that you don’t know how to eat

If you have never eaten a certain meal, don’t order it. Chances are that you will not even know how to eat it and it’s embarrassing.

8. Belching during a meal

Suprise gif(Giphy)

If you have to belch, excuse yourself or at least hold your mouth if it happens unexpectedly.

9. Slurping

When eating soup or drinking beverages, don’t slurp. Sip it silently without attracting attention.