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Dangerous things that happen to your body when you skip meals

Skipping meals may do you more harm than good

Meal time

Busy schedules, stressful situations and the desire to lose weight are just some of the factors that drive people to skip meals.

In the long run, you may actually lose weight but not in a healthy way. In fact, skipping meals may do you more harm than good. Next time you think of skipping your breakfast or any other meal, think about these dangers of skipping meals:

1. You are likely to overeat


You will skip meals in order to lose weight but you might actually end up putting on weight. Why? Because the moment you skip meals, you will be hungrier and will be prompted to overeat. Let’s say you skip breakfast and lunch. You will be too hungry and will want to eat more during dinner. Yet we all know that you should only take a very light meal for dinner.

2. Blood sugar fluctuates

Your blood runs on glucose which you get from eating carbs. When you skip meals, your blood sugar will fluctuate and your body will not function normally when low on sugar.

3. Fatigue


Do we even have to mention that you will have trouble focusing on your work because you have no energy? The sugar you get from food replenishes your brain and you may thus have brain fog if you skip meals.

4. Mood swings

A hungry man is an angry man. Your body will be stressed and this will make you more irritable. Who wants to associate with someone whose moods can never be predicted?

5. You will crave for unhealthy foods


There is this thing where one craves for all the unhealthy things when hungry. You crave for chocolate, pizza, fries, soda and literally everything sugary. This is because the blood sugar is low at such moments and the body is screaming for something sweet to stabilize the blood sugar levels. The more you skip meals, the more you will eat unhealthy foods. And of course, the more weight you will gain.


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