6 dining etiquettes you should know

Creating a good impression at either a professional or a social dinner is largely dependent on how well you know your table manners. Here are some tips to help.


Table manners are important in both professional and social situations, so it's only good to know one or two things about food and table etiquette.

So, whether no one ever taught you dining etiquette or you've forgotten what you learned, here are few tips to help you make the perfect good impression you desire at either a social or professional function.

1. Napkin etiquette

Fold your napkin in half, with the crease facing you and the napkin should only be used for blotting the sides of your mouth. When you need to wipe your hands or mouth, wipe inside the fold so the mess doesn't get on your clothes.

When leaving the table temporarily, put the napkin on your chair. But at the end of the meal, fold your napkin and place it to the left of your plate setting.

2. Tea and coffee etiquette

Hold your tea cup by pinching your thumb and index finger together and then resting your middle finger underneath the handle, but bend your finger through a coffee cup.

3. Wine Glass etiquette

Your wine glass should be held at the stem of the glass and the wine should be poured to just underneath the widest part of the glass.

Wine glasses and any other drink should be placed to the right of the dinner plate with the food on the left.

4. Cutlery etiquette

When using a fork and knife, the fork should be placed in your left hand and the knife in your right.

The largest fork is for the main course, the smallest for the salad and the largest spoon is mainly for scooping the soup.

If you need to take a break or something, place your knife on top of the plate and the fork across the middle of plate to let the waiter know you are resting. But when you're done eating, place your fork below the knife, diagonally across the plate to indicate that you have finished eating.

5. Food etiquette

Do not pass food or any other item over the dinner table instead pass it to the person on your right (if you're not passing it directly to the person), who in turn passes it to his right till it gets to its destination.

6. Eating etiquette

When eating, take three bites (four tops) and put your cutlery down to continue after a while.


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