Fun ways to celebrate Easter while still at home

Easter inakupata wapi?

Happy family enjoying meal(orthobridgeorthopedics)

How are you planning to celebrate your Easter holiday? This is going to be a different one now that most of us will just be at home. No getaways, no church or even family meetups. But hey, that doesn’t mean that Easter has to be boring.

You can still have some fun while still at home to avoid exposing yourself to COVID-19. No ideas on what to do? Have a look at these great ideas:

1. Make DIY masks

Once in a while, you might be required to leave the house. As it stands now, you are supposed to wear a mask each time you are in a public place. Take up this opportunity and make reusable masks instead of buying one. It’s quite simple and you don’t have to be a professional tailor to do it. Just follow these simple guidelines.

2. Bake an Easter cake

This is a period that we all shall live to remember. Make a special cake and take photos that will always remind you of how you survived this pandemic.

3. Virtual celebration with family and friends

Too bad you can’t meet your extended family to celebrate Easter. But, you can still do Zoom or Skype calls with your favourite people.

4. Make a kitchen garden

Give that garden some life or make a balcony vegetable garden if you don’t have enough space.

5. Try something new

It can be a new recipe, playing a new game with family, or even doing your hair. Let it be something challenging and fun.

6. Make your favourite dish and dress up

On an ordinary Easter holiday, we would dress up and go out or go to church then come back and enjoy a good meal. While you will still be indoors this Easter, you can still make your favourite dish, dress up, put on your makeup and enjoy your food.

7. Rearrange and redo your house décor

You can paint your house with a different colour, try out new curtains, or rearrange the furniture to give your house a completely different look.

8. Make an Easter family video and share

If you are far from your family members, record a video of yourself and send good vibes and Easter greetings to them. You could even record yourself singing your favourite Easter Song and share it.

9. Send Easter cards to family and friends

Just make cute and simple Easter cards and share them with your loved ones on WhatsApp or whichever means that works for you.

10. Watch an Easter movie with the family

Finally, make some snacks, then get an interesting Easter movie that you can watch with your kids.


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