Fun ways to celebrate your birthday in quarantine

You can still celebrate your birthday

Coronavirus birthday cake (boredpanda)

With partial lock down, quarantine and social distancing, it’s impossible to hold a real birthday party. But the good news is that you can still celebrate your birthday without flouting the covid-19 directives.

Check out these amazing ideas on how to celebrate your birthday in quarantine:

1. Have a virtual birthday party

Thanks to technology, you can hold a house party on different video conferencing apps like Zoom. Send invitations to all your friends and family and have them attend the party virtually. They can have their drinks as you chat and have fun. They will also get the chance to sing ‘happy birthday’ to you.

2. Dress up like it’s a real party

And because it’s a virtual party doesn’t mean that people should attend in their sweatpants. While sending the invitation, give them the dress code. Also, make sure you dress like the birthday boy/girl.

3. Play games on video apps

Now that you will have all your loved ones in the virtual party, you can go ahead and play fun games instead of just catching up. It will feel like a real party only that you are not together physically.

4. Learn how to bake and make yourself a birthday cake

Alternatively, if you live with your partner, they can learn and make you a cake for your birthday. Coronavirus shouldn’t be a reason not to celebrate your birthday.

5. Make it a spa day and pamper yourself like never before

This is your day and you deserve to feel like a king/queen even if it’s for that day only. Let this be the day you just relax, order food and lie on the couch Netflixing or reading magazines. If your partner is around, let them spoil you by giving you a full body massage.

6. Do something memorable

What’s that one thing you have always wanted to do but you have never tried? Learn how to ride a bike, donate to charity or simply something memorable and fulfilling.


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