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Great uses of lemon at your home you probably did not know about

As an air freshener


That’s right. Lemon contains antibacterial properties and can be used as a cleaning or even bleaching agent. Here are ways you can use lemon at home:

1. To clean your dirty microwave.

Put half a lemon into a small bowl of water, put it in the microwave for around three minutes, and maybe more minutes if the microwave is too dirty. Once the timer is done, let sit for two minutes, then take out the bowl and wipe off the loose gunk. It will be a lot easier to clean and it will leave your microwave smelling fresh.


2. To clean a smelly/dirty chopping board.

Sprinkle salt on the chopping board the use half a lemon to rub all over the chopping board and rinse when through. This will not only clean your chopping board, but also get rid of the smells.

3. As fridge freshener.

Have you ever opened the fridge and you were met by an awful odor? That mostly happens when you leave food in the fridge uncovered. Now, to freshen up your fridge, put some cotton balls on a plate, squeeze half a lemon on the cotton balls then put it in the fridge for fresh smell.


4. Grease remover.

Greasy hands? Use lemon and water to scrub it off and the citric acid will easily remove the grease.

5. Get rid of ants.

Sprinkle lemon juice on the ant trail or on areas where ants frequent and this will keep them away.


Massage your scalp with some lemon juice to get rid of that annoying itchy dandruff. Once through, rinse with warm water.

7. To keep your garbage bin smelling fresh.

Leave a few lemon peels at the bottom of the garbage bin, to prevent it from smelling funky.


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