Eating these foods may worsen your heartburn

Yes, even milk.

Some foods exacerbate the situation making the burning feeling even worse. While some like spicy foods and lemons can be obvious to avoid in the event of heart burn, some aren't.

Here are some of them.

1. Drinks with caffeine

Tea, coffee or cola sodas can increase heartburn. They do this by causing the lower oesophageal sphincter to not close properly making stomach content leak back into the gullet. The backflow from the acid leads to heartburn.

2. Pizza

This is because pizza has many foods on it that make heartburn worse. Tomato sauce is acidic, cheese contains a lot of fat and this causes the stomach to slow down while emptying.

3. Mint

Peppermint has the same effect on the oesophagus as caffeine.

4. Whole milk

Only low fat milk can help with heart burn. The mix of stomach juice and milk can cause an uncomfortable burning feeling because they take the longest time to leave the stomach.

5. Creams

Creamy ingredients like milk, cheese, or sour cream increase heart burn.



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