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Here's why you should start eating yogurt every day

Make it part of your daily diet


Even though it means getting the smallest cup, just ensure that you consume it as often as possible. Reason? It has great health benefits and you will be thankful for the results.

Check out some great benefits of eating yogurt:

1. Source of Calcium


Calcium helps in bone and teeth health. This is especially great for people who do not like plain milk because yogurt is tastier. Eating yogurt daily will thus supply your body with the needed amounts of Calcium.

2. Strengthening your immunity

When your immune system is low, you are likely to get infections easily. However, some yogurt varieties, especially ones with probiotics are known to strengthen the immune system. Eating yogurt more often will thus protect you from getting sick.

3. Source of protein


We all need proteins dairy is one of the best sources of proteins. Yogurt is not only friendly to your taste buds but will also supplies your body with the so much needed proteins.

4. Weight control

Excess weight puts you at a risk of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Even though yogurt has fat, it can still be used to manage weight due to its proteins components. Proteins are known to have a filling effect which reduces the amount of food you eat. Some research also found that eating yogurt helps in achieving a thin waist.

5. Digestion

If you are having issues with digestion, yogurt will save your situation. The good bacteria present in yogurt improves the digestive functions thus easing constipation.


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