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Easy tips to reduce gas from beans

To prevent farting


Beans are so rich in nutrition yet they are also pretty affordable. They are rich in protein, fiber, potassium just to mention a few.

But they have a negative aspect: flatulence. It’s for this reason that many people avoid these nutritious legumes. So should you just give up eating beans altogether? Not really. If you want to eat beans, you need to learn how to cook them without so much gas. Beans have complex compounds that make them difficult to digest. However, with time, your body can get used to them.

Before that, try these tips to degas beans. They may not completely remove all the gas but they help to reduce it to levels that your digestive system can manage.

1. Long soaking


If you are planning to have beans for dinner, soak them early in the morning. Put them in a pot full of water and cover. After 12 hours, strain the water, rinse them and start boiling. They will not only cook faster but the gas will also be less.

2. Boil and soak

Put the dry beans in water and let them boil for three minutes. Remove from fire and cover them. Let them soak for three hours then boil normally.

3. Cook until soft


Ensure your beans are cooked until very soft. If they are not soft enough, they will have more gas.

4. Baking soda

Also adding baking soda to your beans before cooking helps in reducing the levels of raffinose which is responsible for flatulence. Just add a pinch of it then soak in water.


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