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How to get rid of bad smell from your kitchen

Freshen up your kitchen

Dirty utensils(Fit Yourself Club)

Some of the foods we love eating leave our sinks, fridge, kitchen appliances and the entire kitchen in a mess.

For instance, the pungent garlic smell, fish smell and that of omena can stick around your kitchen for a while and it’s annoying. And since we can’t just say goodbye to those nutritious foods, the next option is learn how to get rid of the bad smells in our kitchens.

These clever ways will help get rid of kitchen odors:

1. Trash


Your trash could be the source of the bad smell. Make it a habit to empty your trash as often as possible and clean the can after emptying. Don’t wait until it’s full since the waste will not only smell but also attract insects such as flies.

2. Lemon

Lemon does magic when it comes to freshening up your kitchen appliances. Squeeze the juice and add it to your rinsing water. You can also wash your hands and dustbin with lemon to get rid of the food smells.


3. Clean your sink

You assume that because you clean your utensils in the sink everyday makes your sink clean. But you need to pay more attention to the sink as well. Once a while, clean it with soapy warm water and rinse it with lemon water. Also, use warm salty water at least once in a week to clean the sink with it.

4. Dry your sponges

After cleaning, ensure you squeeze all the water from your sponge to keep it dry. But don’t just squeeze it, rinse it as well. Keeping it dry will keep bad smells away as well as bacteria that could bring infections.

5. Vinegar


White vinegar has many uses at home-one reason you should always have it. It’s not only a good cleaner but also a deodorizer for your kitchen appliances. Cleaning your utensils with white vinegar neutralizes the bad smells.

6. Baking soda

The different foods stored in your fridge can make it smell. To deodorize your fridge or oven, clean it regularly with baking soda.


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