How to make peanut butter at home in 5 minutes

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Simple homemade peanut butter recipe

It’s yummy and nutritious yet so easy to make. Easy? You wonder. Trust you me, if you knew how easy it was, you would never spend money buying peanut butter from the shop. Not to mention the fears of aflatoxins following the banning of Nuteez peanut butter. And do we even have to mention all the numerous benefits of peanuts to your body?

Like that is not enough, the ingredients are affordable and readily available in the market. In other words, there is no hustle. Once you have all the ingredients ready, your butter will be ready before you know it. Let’s get into the real thing, shall we?

2 cups of groundnuts

2 spoons of honey

Pinch of salt

Olive oil/vegetable oil

1. If your nuts are raw, roast them first. Just sprinkle some water and make sure they are wet enough but not dripping. Then put them in a sufuria and place on fire. The fire should be moderate to prevent burning. After some minutes, turn them using a cooking stick to ensure they all cook. Once you hear a pop sound, you peanuts should be ready.

2. Let them cool enough for you to remove the brown shells. Depending on your preference, you may choose not to remove the shells. This will give your peanut butter a browner appearance. If you don’t want to do all that, buy already roasted peanuts.

3. Once the peanuts are ready, grind them until you have fine particles. Then, transfer it into the food processor and run it for one minute. Scrap the paste from the sides and add salt, honey and some olive oil for a creamier effect. You can add vegetable oil if you have no sunflower oil.

4. Continue blending and scraping the sides until the whole paste is smooth to your liking. Also, make sure you taste to ensure everything is evenly spread.

5. And with that short procedure, your peanut butter is ready to use. Scoop in from the food processor using a spoon and put it in an airtight container then store in the fridge.

Tip: Since this homemade peanut butter has no preservatives, don’t make much since it can easily go bad. 


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