Simple tips to keep your roses fresh longer

Are you tired of your roses withering so fast?

Fresh roses (Courtesy)

If you’re like me, then you love some fresh roses to spruce up your home. There’s something about beautiful flowers. A beautiful bouquet can magically and effortlessly transform your living space, giving it a new lease of life so, you should make a habit of buying flowers every now and then. However, it’s one thing to buy flowers and another altogether to keep them fresh longer. For some reason, every time I bought a bouquet, they would wither the next day and I would be so frustrated as I did not know what I was doing wrong albeit, I got to learn about a few tips to prevent the flowers from withering fast and maybe you could use some of these tips too, if you’re a flowers lover:

1. First of all, remove the excess leaves on the stems, in the sense, when you submerge the stems in the water, there are no leaves in the water.

2. You should also remove the petals that look like they’re beginning to wilt, if any, just for aesthetic purposes.

3. Next thing you do is cut the stems a little bit in a 45-degree angle, with a sharp knife.

This will help increase the surface area and allow the stems to absorb more water.

4. The next step is to thoroughly clean your vase, so as to rid it off any bacteria that could be present as it could make the flowers wither.

5. Now, prepare a solution which will keep the flowers fresh longer.

Most flowers come with flower food. If so, put half, leaving half for the next time you change the water. If you do not have the flower food, make this solution.

Into a cup, put a pinch of salt, a pinch of baking soda, a teaspoon of sugar and fill up the cup with water then mix the solution well. Pour this solution into your clean vase. You can choose to leave it like that, or add more water.

6. Finally, submerge your flowers into the vase and place it in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Remember to change the water after two days!


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