Important reasons why you should travel solo after Coronavirus

Try travelling alone at least once in your life

Solo travelling (Oneika the Traveller)

What is the first thing you plan to do once coronavirus is over? You see, we are just realizing how many things we take for granted. With our freedom of movement curtailed, you can only travel to the surrounding areas – which you still might want to avoid for the sake of your health.

Now, have you ever considered travelling alone? If not, you should give it a thought. Instead of waiting until when all your friends are ready and making travel plans that never seem to mature, how about you brace yourself for a new challenge and travel alone?

The idea might not seem as interesting especially if you are a social butterfly. But have a look at these amazing benefits of travelling alone first before you say no:

1. You will be thrilled

There’s something about taking up new challenges and this is one of them. Doing new things kills the boredom of doing the same things every day which is why you should keep on trying new stuff.

2. You will learn to make your own decisions

When travelling with your spouse or as a group, you have to keep on consulting each other when making decisions. But when travelling alone, you make all the decisions. You make the wrong ones, you have yourself to blame. Good thing is that you will learn from your mistakes.

3. You do whatever you want

Solo travel is about what makes you happy. No compromises and trying to accommodate others. If you prefer camping to sleeping in a hotel, you get to do exactly that. It’s a chance we don’t get many times.

4. You become more confident

The first time you travel alone, you might feel scared about the whole idea of being alone in a new place with new people. But once you get through it, you become more confident and you will appreciate how much you can do by yourself.

5. You get to know yourself better

Being around people all the time may not give you a chance to reflect upon your life and figure out the things you deeply desire. Some time away from the day-to-day life all by yourself might be all you need to invent the next big thing in the world.

6. You meet more new people

You will have no choice than to make friends with the locals and you, therefore, end up meeting more new people. This may not be the case when you are travelling with people you already know.


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