Interesting foods that Kenyans are baking during quarantine (photos)

What have you learnt to make during quarantine?

Interesting baking by Kenyans

So now everyone is trying their luck in the kitchen. With all the free time available due to the coronavirus pandemic, almost everyone is turning into a chef. Let’s just hope that chefs will still have their jobs after all this is over.

If you have keen on social media, you realize that there have been challenges like every week. The other day is was Dalgona coffee challenge that Pulselive couldn’t resist trying, then there was the naan bread challenge, and almost everyone is trying to learn how to bake a cake.

While there is a first time to everything and we all learn with time, some of the things that Kenyans are baking are quite interesting and they caught our attention. While some are laughable, others are just sad cases of failed attempts. Below are a few of them:

1. Imagine waiting eagerly for your cake to be ready only to get this as the final product. Quite sad.

2. Seems like something was really wrong with the recipe or the person decided to give it a twist. Clearly, these are not the doughnuts we know.

3. Another sad attempt and ingredients gone to waste.

4. We have no idea what this person was trying to make. Kenyans are interesting.

5. What do you think this was?

6. You would think that this is ugali but it's just a cake that didn't turn out as expected.

7. Sad!

8. Either the pan was too hot or the pan was too light. Or still it was a combination of so many wrong things.

9. Well, samosas are not the easiest to make and this photo is a proof of how complicated they can be.

10. Whether these were chapatis, pancakes or naan bread, we have no idea.


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