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Recipe and steps for making sweet githeri

Cooking Time

30 Minutes

Recipe Category

Main dish

Recipe Cuisine


Cooking Method

Frying and simmering


*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Recipe Ingredients

430g pre boiled maize

760g beans

2 medium sized tomatoes, pureed

1 large onion

3 Cloves garlic- finely minced

2” ginger- finely minced

3 spring onions

1 large potato- cut into small cubes

2 Large carrots

½ green hoho (green bell pepper)

1 Chilli beef cube

1Tbs curry powder

20g unsalted Butter

2Tbs vegetable oil

5 large spinach leaves

Recipe Instructions

About Kenyan Githeri

Githeri is a Kenyan-born food that is comprised of maize, beans, spinach or cabbage all together. It is hailed of being a whole meal because it is a balanced diet. Every household can customize the githeri by cooking it in their own unique style.

Githeri is readily available in local hotels famously referred to as Kibandaski.

It is cheap for a normal meal and gained popularity during the Kenyan August 8 elections. One man called Martin Kamotho was photographed carrying a transparent bag full of Githeri.

The queue was long so he bought a bag of Githeri to keep busy. He immediately became a nationwide sensation with many Kenyans joining in taking up Githeri. In fact a dance was formed in honour of Githeri and the Githeri man in the song Kanashika.

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I rate Kenyan Githeri 4 out of 5



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