6 road trip essentials everyone needs this Jamhuri day

Here are a few tips to help you better plan a road trip.

With yet another public holiday upon us – definitely not complaining – and it being in the middle of the week, you’re probably wondering what to do with that time.

Here’s a cool idea; how about a road trip? It can be done in a day; depending on where you are headed, you get to enjoy your day outside the craziness of the city plus it’s easy to plan.

Pulse Live Kenya has compiled a list of a few road trip essentials to help you better plan an amazing road trip.

1.Great music

What is a road trip without great entertainment? Make sure to pick out a great playlist that you and your fellow road trippers – made this up - can enjoy.


A cooler is so necessary when going on a road trip. You may be travelling during a hot day and no one wants to start drinking a warm Tusker Cider.

So get yourself a nice cooler to chill that Tusker Cider – it is best served chilled after all.

Drink after you get to your destination of course because it’s dangerous to drink and drive.

3.First aid kit and car tool kit.

Make sure to take the necessary pre-caution and have a first aid kit as well as a car tool kit just in case of anything.

Also make sure your car is in good condition before you leave.

4.Make sure phones, cameras and power banks are charged

You don’t want to miss out on capturing those great moments during the road trip so make sure that your phones, cameras and power banks are charged before embarking on your journey.

5.Car insurance and driving licenses

It would be a bummer if you planned a great road trip and your insurance is not up to date or your driving license is expired.

Double check to make sure that everything is in order.

6.Snack and drinks

Do not forget to stack up on snacks and drinks. Don't drink too many drinks during the road trip though because it can be quite annoying to have to stop all the time for someone to use the bathroom.

Once you get there sit back relax and have a drink

Everything was in order for your road trip and the drive was smooth and relaxed and you finally got to your destination.

You can now sit back and enjoy that chilled Tusker Cider.

Happy Jamhuri Day!


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