Explore Kenya's hidden gems this holidays

Kenya is one of the most visited destinations in the world, sadly though, foreigners explore our country more than us the locals


Kenya is one of the most visited destinations in the world, sadly though, more visited by foreigners who travel miles and miles to come and see our beautiful country than local visitors who go sight-seeing.

In every 10 people you meet today, ask who’s been to Giraffe Center or closer to the CBD, the National Archives.

But we are quick to spend bundles and bundles of cash on drinking and travelling to Coast when Christmas hits us.

This time round, why not go somewhere else other than Coast or Nakuru? This weekend than finishing your salary in Westy, why not go to a tourist location and experience the thrill that brings these Jungus all the way out here.

Lord Egerton Castle

Lord Egerton Castle was built in the 1938 it was completed in 1954, 14km from Nakuru. By Lord Egerton who built it for his fiancée, ungrateful her, just came to the castle like two hours frowned upon it, left and never returned. I think after search ungratefulness: Lord Egerton might have sworn off women all together.

Rolf’s Place

Rolf’s place is nothing of romantic and relaxing. Located on the side of a cliff on Lang’ata road, the Place is only accessible by a roped bridge; below the rope is a deep gorge. You have an option of sleeping there or just a day visit. It’s impeccable, you to visit.

Chalbi desert

The Chalbi Desert is a small desert in northern Kenya, near the border with Ethiopia. Marsabit is the closest major city.

The desert is roughly 100,000 sq km of virtually flat sandy desert, to the east of Lake Turkana, happens to be the world’s biggest desert lake, the hottest and most arid region in Kenya. The Chalbi is a pan totally surrounded by volcanoes and ancient lava flows

Maasai Ostrich Resort

Located in Kitengela, the Ostrich Resort has couple of activities that you and your loved ones can indulge in.

There’s the actual riding of the Ostriches (not for the faint-hearted),  swimming, dining: dine by Mbuni Choma Ranch , there’s a bar you can indulge in your favorite poison at while catching latest new sot match.


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