7 kitchen appliances that will make your life much easier

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If you're anything like me, then the kitchen is not one of your favorite places. I hate having to cook but when I do, I likea seamless experience. Think of when you're baking and have no mixer and you have to use your hands and knead the dough till it's ready while with a mixer, it's easy peasy as it does all the work for you. See where I'm getting at with this? So here are kitchen appliances you can definitely live without, but, they will make life much easier.

1. A microwave.

What we are not going to assume is that everyone owns a microwave. Not everyone can afford one plus, it needs electricity which is also pricey. But, nowadays, you can get basic microwaves even as low as Ksh. 3,000. Imagine no longer having to warm food in a sufuria or a pan, which means, more less dishes? How do people without microwaves even warm foods like ugali or chapati? And btw, when you run out of gas, you can make a microwave friendly meal, such as noodles or frozen foods for instance, not forgetting, you can thaw the meat really easily using a microwave in the event you forgot to take it out of the freezer. Without a doubt, a microwave will definitely make your life easier.

2. A pressure cooker.

People wonder, what for? What's the point? Well, if you do not want to wait for 30 minutes for your maize/beans/peas/ndengu etc to boil, which means more gas consumption, what you need to do is invest in a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker uses pressure to make foods cook in just a matter of seconds or minutes, even foods that customarily take longer to cook or boil.

3. Lemon squeezer.

You're probably thinking 'Why in the world would I need this?' If you use lemons nearly every day, then you will appreciate having a lemon squeezer at your home. That hustle of having to roll the lemon first, cut it, remove the seeds and press with all your strength is simplified by a squeezer cause all you need is to cut the lemon and squeeze out the juice into a cup.

4. Blender.

You don't always need the blender. But, if you have a young child, instead of mashing food like our parents did back in the day with a sieve and spoon, all you have to do is put the condiments you need mashed into a blender and it will do all the work for you. You can also use the blender to make juice or smoothies in the morning by blending fruits or even mash overcooked potatoes with butter for a mash potato meal. Do ensure though that the blender is of high quality before blending 'tough' foods as those are actually meant to be mashed with a food processor. The blender is only for 'softer' foods but, you can DIY sometimes by switching on the blender in intervals, slowly mashing, shaking and adding water or milk to make the process easier.

5. Strainer.

How many times have you gone ahead to wash rice and when pouring the water out, you poured all the rice? Annoying right? That's exactly why a strainer really comes in handy when you need to strain oil say when frying foods or even water after cooking say pasta or even washing foods such as rice and peas.

6. Spaghetti spoon.

Commonly known as a spork. Guys, how do you serve spaghetti? With a fork or spoon I presume? And that's not exactly easy yes? But a spaghetti spoon makes serving it so easy since there's no spillage and for some people like us, honestly, that's a life hack.

7. Non-stick pans and pots.

We all have those Jua Kali sufurias, but sometimes, it's so hard to cook in them especially if you cannot regulate the heat. You take a small break and boom, the onions are burned. Plus, if you burn food, the pots are so hard to clean but with non-stick pans and pots, as the name suggests, they do not burn food easily and most important, they're non-stick so you can make even eggs easily without worrying about that whole sticky situash...and the cleaning up mess.

What kitchen appliances have made your life easier?


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