Common mistakes you are making when baking your cake

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Fruit cake

Like any other skill, you get to perfect the art of baking with time. You don’t wake up one day and become a professional baker. You will make mistakes, and the mistakes will make you want to keep on perfecting it.

The reason your cake doesn’t look like anything close to those others that you see on Instagram, it could be that you are making some very common mistakes that people make.

Check out some of the mistakes you should avoid next time you are baking:

1. You don’t measure the ingredients

Unless you are such a pro, always follow the exact measurements as listed on the recipe. Even a slight mistake such as using too much flour can mess up with your cake so bad.

2. You open the oven door every now and then

It’s very tempting but you should resist the urge as much as possible. Opening the door fluctuates the temperatures which affect the baking process. Even when doing the mawe tatu cake, don’t be tempted to uncover your cake.

3. Not greasing your pan

Unless the recipe states that you shouldn’t, always grease your baking pan. Also, line your pan with a parchment paper and dust it with some flour. This will make it easier to remove the cake from the pan once it’s done.

4. You ignore the room temperature

If a recipe states that your eggs, milk or butter should be at room temperature, heed to that. Before you start preparing the batter, make sure your ingredients have reached room temperature if they ere in the fridge.

5. Leaving the batter out for too long

Make sure everything is ready so that by that time you are done making your batter, you just put it in the baking tin and put in the oven. Leaving the batter out for too long causes it to start deflating.

6. Overmixing your batter

Mix until all the ingredients are well combined but don’t go beyond that. The more you continue mixing, the more gluten is developed and your cake won’t come out so well.


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