Kenyan Photographer Michael Khateli chases Nairobi storm in a stunning photo series

Our city is beautiful!

A city that has so much to offer; social events every now and then, a forest within the city where you can go trail biking or for a jog to unwind after a long day. A city where, the hustle never stops. A hub for investors and Africa’s top Safari destination. A city, full of beautiful chaos.

Nairobi is not perfect but imagine if everything was perfect? How boring would it be? If you were sitting in traffic and there wasn’t a mad man to watch? Or people struggling to jump across puddles of water when it rains? That’s why I called it a city full of beautiful chaos.

And speaking of chaos, those (the chaos) are totally unleashed during the rainy season. Traffic, flash floods pot holes full of water, muddy roads, etc., but we forget to see the beauty an angry mother nature comes with. I’m talking grey pregnant skies, storms, the beautiful sound of rain and the petrichor...oh the petrichor.

Top photographer, Michael Khateli who has been credited with taking most viral photos of President Uhuru decided to chase the Nairobi storm through a stunning photo series. Michael has an impressive profile having cemented himself as a photographer capable of capturing pretty much any occasion; from state functions to weddings, concerts, name it!

In this photo series, Michael showcases Nairobi from a vantage point, capturing high rise buildings that perfectly merged with pregnant skies and green vegetation and oh my, stunning is an understatement.

Have a look:


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