5 reasons why Nakuru is the coolest town in Kenya

Nakuru is bae

If you have been to this town and actually spent some days there, you will agree with me that it is one of the best places you can be. For so many reasons, most people who visit this town which is Kenya's fourth largest city leave there with a broad smile.

Now you think I am getting biased but no, I am simply being honest. It's not even my home town but of all the places I have lived in Kenya, I have enough reasons to say it's the best. That said, let's get to the real reasons that make Nakuru an outstanding and lovely place to be:

1. You never sleep on an empty stomach

If you are just starting life, Nakuru is the ideal place to be. Thanks to its rich agricultural neighborhood, food is relatively cheap and you can hardly go hungry. With only sh 100, you have a gallon of charcoal, a humongous Gloria cabbage, a kasuku of Shangi potatoes from Molo and so much more. In fact, you will even save for tomorrow.

2. No trouble with the landlord

Rent is relatively cheap in Nakuru and you will never have to worry about being locked outside. With only 5000, you will get a decent one bedroom not very far away from town. When I talk of decent, I mean a place with a clean environment, water is readily available (na si ya kisima),there is security and the caretaker never absconds his duties. And with a 1000 shillings, you will get a great single room without electricity. Where else would you get such kind of life in Kenya?

3. Great climate

If you can't handle too much cold nor too much heat, then Nakuru is where you should be. The climate is always friendly even when the rest of the country feels like the top of Mt. Kenya. It never gets to those extremes that make life so difficult.

4. Variety of recreational facilities

The other best thing with Nakuru is that there are countless places you can go to have fun with friends, family or bae. The good thing is that you actually do not need much money to access most of the recreational facilities in Nakuru. Go for hiking with friends at the Menengai Crater, Hells Gate, visit Lake Nakuru National park, The Lord Egerton Castle, or visit the Hyrax hill and get a glimpse of the fossils that were discovered by the Leakey family.

5. Congestion

Unlike Nairobi, you will hardly rub shoulders with anyone as you rush to go home. Although hawkers and the county askaris are always on the run these days, the effort to decongest the city is clearly evident. Issues of pick pocketing are thus not as many as compared to other large towns and cities in Kenya.


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