Amazing: What Citizens of Lamu are doing with our ocean plastics in effort to combat pollution

Their plans will help combat pollution and help preservation of trees.

After a beach cleanup effort that collected up to 33,000 kg of plastic waste, safari organiser and Lamu local, Ben Morrison figured he needed to come up with a solution before the trash heaps overtook the beauty of the beach.

Morrison approached Ali "Skanda" Abdalla, a 44-year-old master boat builder. Together, they decided to design a traditional 60 ft. dhow from recycled plastic.

The team ended up using 200,000 slippers and counting and up to 45,000 kg of waste.

The project, will offer a market to recyclers and persuade locals to preserve trees and use these alternatives in their constructions.

The move comes highly applauded as Kenyans are attempting to make a significant effort in the control of plastics following the ban of plastic bags in August and the expected ban on plastic bottles eventually.


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