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If you have not tasted these popular Kenyan foods, you are missing it

Jivunie kuwa Mkenya

Brown ugali (nutritionpalacekenya)

Kenyan foods are the best. Ask Kenyans in diaspora and they will tell you how much they miss our ugali and other foods. And the best thing about Kenyan foods is that they are not only tasty but also healthy and easy to make.

The fact that we have over 42 tribes in Kenya and almost every community has at least one unique dish means that there are so many varieties of Kenyan dishes. That means that might never get to taste all of them. But any Kenyan should at least make sure that have had a taste of the below listed popular Kenyan foods.

Don’t just listen to tales of how great or how pathetic they are. Eat and be the judge:

1. Muthokoi and mbaazi


This is a popular dish among the Kamba community. The top coat of the maize is first removed then it's boiled before frying. It can be made with beans but they mostly use mbaazi (cowpeas).

2. Mursik

This is not just any other sour milk but milk that has been fermented in a special gourd with special medicinal stick known as itet. Popular among the Kalenjin community, mursik is an accompaniment for ugali, especially the brown ugali.


3. Mukimo

You have no idea what you have been missing if you have not eaten mukimo. Or may be you just have never attended Kikuyu events because no occasion is complete without mukimo.

4. Samaki wa kupaka

Next time you visit the Coast, don't just order pilau and biryani, try this delicacy as well. It's simply grilled fish with coconut sauce.


5. Omena

Omena is definitely not my favorite but that's not to say you won't like it. Eat it, if you like it, good for you. It's loaded with nutrients and it's popular in the Lake region of Kenya.

6. Mrenda


When you can't eat no more sukumawikis, mrenda is a better alternative. That's if you don't mind its slimy nature.

7. Brown ugali

Just a piece of this brown ugali and a glass of mursik or amaruranu and you are full!


8. Amaruranu

This is a very popular delicacy among the Kisii people and it makes a great ugali accompaniment. If you were to judge this type of milk by it's look, it definitely wouldn't go past the throat. But those who know it best claim that it's the sweetest thing in Gusii land.

Which other popular foods do you think deserve to be on this list?


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