5 reasons to embrace solo travel in 2019

Travel alone!

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A friend recently sent me a poster that read “Stop canceling plans because your friends can’t go. Leave their ass!”. This got me thinking, why do we feel the need to always travel in the company of friends or a group, failure to which, we would rather not? With this mentality, we will never go anywhere. Ever seen a meme that reads “Once a WhatsApp travel group is formed, just know that you’re going nowhere.” This is so true. You start out as ten people but on the day of the trip, only two people are willing to travel. I think it’s high time we embraced solo travel. Sure, it’s not the most conventional form of travel out there and not precisely the safest one so to speak, especially for young female travelers but hey, you cannot wait for other people to see the world. Save up, pack your bag, grab your passport and hit the highway because in fact, if you’re cautious, you’ll be all good. Here are good reasons to travel alone.

1. You don’t have to deal with conflicting schedules.

See, when you’re traveling as a group, some dates and months may not be suitable for everyone. But when you’re traveling alone, you simply just need to figure out which month and dates you’re keen on and no one will hold you back.

2. Similarly, you won’t have to compromise on activities you don’t really wanna partake in.

Group travel requires that you all agree on certain activities and do most things as a group. So, if you don’t want to go hiking for example on one day, you have to do something alone while the rest of the groups set out. Boring right? So, why not plan your own bomb activities that you actually care about and those that will be totes value for your money?

3. You will be forced to make friends.

There are so many other solo travelers out there, and you will find yourself making new friends everywhere; airport lounges, coffee shops, cocktail bars, concerts, name it! Just have great social skills or, you could also just enjoy your own company you know? Which brings me to the next point,

4. You will learn how to be okay on your own and to kick it by yourself.

One of the most underrated things ever is the ability to be okay on your own. Sure, friends are okay, we all need friends; company is important and all that jazz. But one of the best things you can do for yourself is to actually be okay on your own - mentally, emotionally and financially. You’re not relying on anyone for your own happiness. When you travel alone, you have to make decisions on your own, bankroll yourself, challenge yourself. You will feel lost, but in the process, you will also find yourself.

5. You make your own rules.

You’re travelling on your own terms. You make the rules, you’re in charge of all the decisions you make. You don’t have to cancel your travel plans because your broke friends can’t join you. Go on and take on the world solo! 


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