Kenya's most unique animals

If you see one of them, you're very lucky.

From the Big Five to the million-head herds of wildebeest- tourists flood to Kenya’s game parks and reserves to witness these stunning members of the wildlife and create lasting memories that will linger forever.

But some animals are very rarely seen because of how shy, stealthy or endangered they are. A wild leopard sighting is basically like the It Factor. But there are other animals that very hard to spot.

Here are 10 unique Kenyan animals.


The endangered marsh buck is a rare type of antelope that is very hard to spot. Only found in the North Rift with populations declining in astonishing numbers due to human encroachment, they can only be seen when they come out to feed between 4am and 5am. They have a view point in the King’wal Swamp.

Serval cat

It is carnivorous wild cat that looks like a miniature leopard. Found in South West Kenya.


This looks like a small lion. It has tips of black far at the top most edge of its ears. It’s found in most parts of sub-Saharan Africa and is considered to be the cat that usually owns the largest territories.


It is a herbivore that can’t decide if it’s a giraffe or a gazelle. Found in the Horn of Africa and drier parts of East Africa.


Also known as the bush baby. With large eyes and a giant rodent vibe.


Also known as Hunter’s Hartebeest. It is a long faced critically endangered type of antelope found along the Kenya Somalia border.

Mountain Bongo

This is a large antelope that looks like a reverse zebra with brown skin and thin white stripes. It is found in remote areas of Central Kenya and is also critically endangered. Only 103 remain in the country.

Tana River mangabey

This highly endangered monkey has light skin fur and dark eyelids. It is restricted to 27 patches of forest along the Tana River in Eastern Kenya.


Probably the cutest type of hyena. This is a small insectivorous mammal. Its name means earth wolf in Afrikaans.

Striped hyena

This is the brother of the much uglier and horrific spotted hyena. It’s furrier and way more attractive. Species if found in North and East Africa and parts of Asia.


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