This is what Kenyans are eating to survive this Njaanuary

Ni kubaya

What Kenyans are eating this January (let's cook Kenyan meals)

After partee after partee all December, Kenyans are now having a tough time yet January is just starting.

In December, people were just sharing photos of the delicacies they were eating. Chicken, mbuzi, beef, pilau and the likes were the only foods we saw on social media. Now that the festivities are over, it's time to get back to reality. And as usual, January is usually one of the hardest months since people tend to spend a lot of money in December.

If the photos people are sharing are anything to go by, then it's clear that this Njaanuary is no different. Have a look at some of the foods that Kenyans are now eating:

1. Too white for life. Any who, life goes on. Some tomatoes could have at least improved the appearance.

2. Beef for who? Rice madondo is the current thing until we get the next pay cheque.

3. When things are too tough, just pass by the kibanda, get some boiled githeri, make some tea and you are good to go. We need to save the gas remember?

4. Who would dare eat such a meal in December? In January, we don't really mind eating all these carbs so long as it fills the stomach.

5. When you can no longer afford chicken, chicken legs and eggs are the next close thing you can have.

6. For now, this is good enough. Call it mashakura or whatever but people got to survive in January.

7. Don't know what to say about this food so I'm gonna let you be the judge.

8. Ugali and omena is one of the best Kenyan meals. Sadly, Kenyans only realize this when they don't have enough money to buy chicken or beef.


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