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7 things you need to know before you make plans to travel abroad for a holiday

Read this before you holiday abroad as a first-timer

Travelling abroad is fun, lots of fun especially because you get to see how different or similar life and cultures are, elsewhere. However, when you’re ill prepared, the whole experience can end up being a nightmare. You don’t wanna be that African looking lost at the airport hehe. Most people travel during summer time as there are so many things to do at that time, the weather is lovely and summer sales at most fashion stores are to die for.

Planning a baecation out of Africa for the first time? Here are things you need to know prior to.

Before travel:


1. Visa requirements.

While there are some countries where you do not need a visa to travel as a Kenyan, unfortunately, our passport is not strong enough and you will need a visa to get to most of Europe and Asia and the Americas. Do check the visa requirements in due time prior to the travel plans as sometimes a visa can take upto four weeks to be processed.

2. Get a travel insurance.

While sometimes a travel insurance is a part of the visa requirements, sometimes, it’s not always required and when it isn’t you still should get it. This will really come in handy if you fall sick while abroad or lose your luggage for instance.


3. Get a Yellow Fever vaccination.

Depending on the country you’re visiting, you might be required to present a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate and trust me, without it, you will either have to pay a significant amount of money or even be denied entry. So, it’s better to be prepared prior to. You can get the Vaccination at the Airport or City Hall or some Clinics in Nairobi.

4. Alert your bank prior to.

Let your bank know of your travel itinerary so that they can alert you of any unusual transactions. Also, download your banking app to be able to see your transactions first hand.


When travelling:

5. Change money before travelling.

You probably want to be able to buy a snack or water at the airport or even pay for a taxi when you arrive and obviously, the acceptable modes of payment are the local currencies. Sometimes, in some countries, they do not even accept dollars. It’s important to change the money before travel to avoid the rates of fluctuating currency.

6. Comfort!

Some international airports are massive. You will have to walk for long and you want to make sure that you have comfortable clothing and shoes on. You might also have long lay overs. Don’t be that tour virgin struggling with heels and bags at the airport.


7. Research.

Know about the country you’re going to. Find out the accepted dress code, best side to stay, how to commute, etc.


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