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Why I don’t regret getting lost in paradise

If you have an uncontrollable desire to travel, to be adventurous and just discover then Paradise Lost is a great place to start.

For those that haven’t been to Paradise Lost yet, it is a park located in Kiambu Town famously known for its breath taking 2.5 million years stone-age caves – yeah I didn’t know they had caves either.

Here’s my day trip diary to Paradise Lost

Getting there


The journey to Paradise Lost began on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon. The initial plan was to go as a group; meet at National Archives within the CBD and go together to Paradise Lost but we all know that was wishful thinking – African timing is real.

I have to confess I was one of the African timers. In my defense though, I did get lost and it was hot and there was traffic – no, not buying it? Okay moving on.

So I chose to drive to Paradise Lost and all I have to say is if you have never been there and kind of suck at following maps please take someone that knows where you’re going with you – I got lost three times – one of those times finding myself in Garden Estate (sigh).

Better yet just hop onto a matatu.


The adventure begins

After a couple of wrong turns I finally found my way to the not so lost paradise.

I did a bit of “building watching” – totally made this up – before I saw the sign board to Paradise Lost. No one had prepared me for the long dusty drive I was about to take. Dusty as it was , the coffee farm that preludes the resort was a breathtaking taste for what was to come next.

Don't get me started on the beautiful horses that were galloping around.



As you walk down some steps to the vibandas, the scenery starts to look a bit livelier with the number of cookouts going on and the music playing. There was a lot of food, drinks and laughter that day.

After a bit of R and R, some chit chat and numerous photo sessions we took the festivities further down to the lake area for boat riding – exciting.

We divided ourselves into three groups of six people each and off we went. Having not done the whole paddling thing before this felt more like a workout for me but you eventually get the rhythm of it and start to really enjoy it.

Plus the company was amazing!

There was this incredible feeling of serenity while we were floating around in the lake that just put my mind at ease – even if it was just for a few minutes.


The calmness of the lake, the subtle way the wind blew and the scenery – definitely a good affordable date idea *wink*

A couple of more selfie sessions later and it was time to anchor our boats – okay that was an exaggeration we just tied them up on a little wooden pole on the edge of the lake (no shade).

Since it had gotten dark, we didn’t get a chance to check out the caves but you can have a look at these awesome photos of them.

All in all the experience was pretty cool aside from the little hitches along the way. I would definitely recommend a trip to Paradise Lost.


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